A picture is worth a thousand words

We are a collective of world-class producers, directors and photographers. Offering a full photography service we are ready to tell your story and illuminate your brief with stunningly authentic images.


The Landscape of Murder
This series documents all 209 murder sites in London recorded over a two year period. Currently exhibiting at Format15 and then at RichMix, London. See blog here.

Your story… is your most powerful asset. Make real connections with your audience, stand out, be seen and let your brand truly speak for itself. We can help you make that happen.

Wonderfoods for Kids
How do you get kids to eat healthily? Brown rice and raw carrot don’t really cut it, but ‘Blubbery Fool’ and fun images help remove the roughage.


Médecins sans Frontières found that migrants in Rosarno, Calabria, were living in conditions that do not even meet the minimum standards for refugee camps in Africa.