Surfing Secrets / Antman


Designed, images curated and production overseen by Antman, Surfing Secrets is a celebration of five decades of the Jersey surfing story and was published to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the oldest surfboard club in Europe; the Jersey Surfboard Club.

Pretty much every image is a record of the who and the where. The ‘why’ we must leave to the surfers themselves – the final image in particular will leave most who see it simply staggered at the audacity of James Hicks, the champion surfer from Jersey. A picture of the much younger James that precedes his ride at Shipsten’s Bluff in Tasmania probably sums up the anticipation and excitement many surfers feel.

We used material from just about every photographic era – glass plate, film and the digital age. Some are just family snaps, which were included despite their poor technical quality because they are as much a part of the record as the work of professionals. On a wider front, for many Jersey simply represents an alternative holiday destination, alternative financial arrangements and potatoes. But as with so many things, there’s a whole other story.