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A highly secretive world, Vatican City contains all the organs of state in less than half a square kilometre.

In an increasingly turbulent world where the Pope himself has spoken about a third world war, religion continues to play a fundamental role. The Roman Catholic church has kept its political power well established through the centuries. Whilst Catholicism has always been at the centre of Italian society, decisions made in the Vatican influence the lives of 1.2 billion people around the world.

This sense of history, the magnificent spaces and the silence are elements that envelop the senses when walking around the Vatican. Tradition, hierarchy, spirituality and big events have always been at the heart of the Church.

Thanks to an extraordinary jubilee and following months of letters and meetings, Christian was given unprecedented access. Spending two months behind the scenes he documented the inhabitants of the Vatican, from the nuns that work in the sacristy ironing garments for the Pope and clergy, the gardeners, Sampietrini in charge of the maintenance of Saint Peterโ€™s to the Popeโ€™s driver and Swiss Guards. His work is a homage to all those within the hierarchy of the city state and bears witness to lives and work rarely seen by the public.


About Christian

Winner of the 2014 IPA One Shot:One World Competition Christian has found critical and commercial success in the thirteen years since basing himself in London. Regular trips to Italy suggest his countrymen realise theyโ€™ve lost a talent to the UK.

"Photography, for me, is about different points of view. The vanishing point and depth of field in a picture is related to your feelings and the message that youโ€™re trying to communicate. The subject is just the initial mask. ย Photographs are built on levels of meaning. Photography is a strong medium... a vision that can speak."

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