Who’s Afraid? / Christian Sinibaldi

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Fear has always accompanied the human soul. Perhaps the strongest among all the deep-rooted fears is that of the unknown. And for migrants this must only be exacerbated.

A white cloth and a stool; an itinerant set in the multi-ethnic neighbourhood of Esquilino, in Rome. From the arcades of Piazza Vittorio, to the lively local market, in search of faces willing to put on stage their desire to laugh. And through laughter recall fragments of happiness, memories able to give breath to the soul.  

 The intent is to move away from alarmist and painful representations, a constant part in stories of immigration, and to cross hot and sensitive issues such as illegality, crime and exploitation, to reach the normality in the life of immigrants, a lively and complex universe unknown to most. This tale speaks of metropolitan integration and multiculturalism, and the key to its language is the smile, or the laugh – born from the desire to exorcise fears and dent clichés.