Disappearing Britain // Zed Nelson

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This is a historical project that focuses on people or ways of life that are basically becoming extinct.

From the coal-miners in Yorkshire, whose industry was decimated in a series of savage pit closures during government privatisation, to the Cornish fishermen whose livelihoods are disappearing along with the depleted fish stocks. From the Beaufort Hunt who demand their right to hunt despite growing public condemnation of the blood sport, to the shipbuilders of Govan. These stories are not just about fading traditions, but also a compass to political, environmental and moral change.


About Zed


“The visual ‘language’ of my images is about integrity and connection with the subject. The images should feel ‘true’ ... real ... genuine… Working with a good Art Director is a huge plus, paving the way for a creative and structured collaboration in the image-making process.”

Zed’s work is known and recognised around the world. Coming to prominence with the seminal ‘Gun Nation’, which won five major international photography prizes, he has consistently produced work that makes us reflect and wonder.

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