Portraits / Zed Nelson

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  • 1. Gordon Brown, MP
  • 2. David Morrisey, actor
  • 3. Dolly Parton, singer-songwriter
  • 4. Dirty Pretty Things
  • 5. Tom Jones, singer
  • 6. Tom Jones, singer
  • 7. Noel Fielding, comedian
  • 8. Liam and Noel Gallagher, musicians
  • 9. Cornelia Parker RA, sculptor and installation artist


About Zed

“The visual ‘language’ of my images is about integrity and connection with the subject. The images should feel ‘true’...real...genuine… Working with a good Art Director is a huge plus, paving the way for a creative and structured collaboration in the image-making process.”

Zed’s work is known and recognised around the world. Coming to prominence with the seminal ‘Gun Nation’, which won five major international photography prizes, he has consistently produced work that makes us reflect and wonder.

(To read more about Zed Nelson, see Who we are)