Illuminating truths

In just the blink of an eye the right image can convey a powerful message. A series of pictures can tell a compelling story.

The examples below, a mixture of commissioned and editorial work, are testament to the talent available to respond to your brief and show how single or multiple images have the capacity to make us stop and think.

Christian Sinibaldi – The Palio
The Palio
Christian Sinibaldi
Held first in 1656 the Palio embodies civic pride and dominates Sienese life. “The palio in fact is like a war.” It’s real, and can be brutal.
Christian Sinibaldi – Vatican City
Vatican City
Christian Sinibaldi
Contained in less than half a square kilometer, Vatican City is a secretive and reserved world hosting all the usual organs of state.
Zed Nelson – Hackney
Hackney - A Tale of Two Cities
Zed Nelson
This work in progress, meditates on the confusion of cultures, clash of identities and the beauty and ugliness that co-exist in the borough.
Zed Nelson – North Wales
A Welsh Meditation
Zed Nelson
In North Wales, old and new sit uneasily alongside each other as the region searches for a modern identity. (Client: The Camden Trust)
Antonio Olmos – Landscape of Murder
Landscape of Murder
Antonio Olmos
The aim is to give memory to what are mostly forgotten events, unseen places, landscapes where great violence has taken place. (The Guardian)
Zak Waters – It’s My Duty
It's My Duty
Zak Waters
An unseen army of people, of all ages and cultures, look after those unable to care for themselves. It’s not easy. (Client: Central Office of Information et al)
Antman – Moving Words
Moving Words
Antman climb on board the library bus and show the real value of an everyday service that's taken for granted. Positioning document. (Client: Public Lending Right)
Christian Sinibaldi – Exstracomunit
Christian Sinibaldi
Lampedusa, Italy’s southernmost island, is a convenient stepping stone into Europe for migrants. (Medecins Sans Frontieres; The Guardian; Corriere della Sera)
Zed Nelson – South Sudan
South Sudan: Birth of a Nation
Zed Nelson
Revealing the new power structures of South Sudan’s inexperienced ruling élite. (The Guardian Weekend; DAS Magazin [Switzerland]; D Magzine [Italy]; Newsweek [Japan])
Antonio Olmos – Nicaragua
Nicaraguan Refugees
Antonio Olmos
A desperate, dangerous scramble to reach the 'American dream', dodging thieves, narco and weapons traffickers, smugglers and border guards. (The Miami Herald et al)
Jill Mead – Body Shop
High Honey
Jill Mead
How ‘straight’ documentary photography can work for a brand, demonstrate an ethic and leave a clear impression. Sweet. (Client: The Body Shop)
Antonio Olmos – Portraits
Antonio Olmos
When Malala Yousafzai won the Nobel peace prize, chances are it's Antonio’s portrait you saw. (The Observer; The Sunday Times; New York Times et al)
Antman – JSC
Surfing Secrets
With images from the 1920’s onwards, Surfing Secrets is a 260 page book marking five decades of the oldest surfboard club in Europe. (Client: Jersey Surfboard Club)
Jill Mead – The Virgin Gardener
The Virgin Gardener
Jill Mead
Documenting how Laetitia Maklouf can make use of even the most modest of living spaces to grow plants for food and pleasure. (Client: Bloomsbury Publishing)
Zed Nelson – In this Land
Israel: In This Land
Zed Nelson (2012)
Exploring the notion that Israel is a nation defined by its borders. (BJP; Telegraph Magazine; Newsweek [Japan]; Monocle Magazine; GEO Magazine)
Antonio Olmos – Palestine
Antonio Olmos
Documenting daily life in Gaza and the West Bank following the second Intifada which was triggered by the collapse of the Camp David peace talks. (The Observor)
Christian Sinibaldi – Migrants
Christian Sinibaldi
The dark side of the orange harvest. Follows on from the original 'Exstracomunit' commission. (Medecins Sans Frontieres; The Guardian; Amnesty International)
Zed Nelson – Portraits
Zed Nelson
A selection of portraits of those from the worlds of politics and the arts as commissioned by the main print media titles. (The Sunday Times; The Observer et al)
Zak Waters – Birdmen
Zak Waters
The last of a working class breed, through whom one can chart the decline of traditional industries and communities in the UK. (8 Magazine; ongoing project)
Christian Sinibaldi – Eyewitness
Christian Sinibaldi
Christian's contribution to some of the world’s most distinctive and provocative images which provide a daily, visual reflection of global events. (The Guardian)
Antman – Short Stories
Short Stories
'New' libraries; the Childrens' Laureate Jacqueline Wilson; Westminster Palace and a school trip to 'Seven Stories' in Newcastle. (Client: Public Lending Right)
Zed Nelson – Right Wing
Right Wing Along the Rio Grande
Zed Nelson
A story of deep-seated divides, extreme politics and a journey along one of the biggest rivers in the USA. (Monocle Magazine; D magazine [Italy]; The Observer Magazine)
Christian Sinibaldi – Portraits
Christian Sinibaldi
Moguls, models, musicians and mercenaries muddled up with with some journalists, politicians and actors. (The Financial Times; The Guardian; The Irish Times et al)
Antonio Olmos – Afghanistan
Afghanistan: Two Sides of the Story
Antonio Olmos
Civilians caught in the middle and troops on active service all just try to get from one day to the next without being injured or killed. (The Guardian; The Observor Magazine)
Jill Mead – Eating England
Eating England
Jill Mead
A lovely and wide open brief to produce a series of images to illustrate the book by Hattie Ellis. Lakeland lamb, cromer crab and pork pies. (Client: Mitchell Beazley)
Antman – Writers Talk
Writers Talk - A Day in the Life
We got to know the NW London postcodes - eight authors over two days for an inter-governmental positioning document. (Client: Public Lending Right)
Jill Mead – Fast Food
Fast Food
Jill Mead
Withstanding the heat - fast food photography for Gordon Ramsay’s eponymous bestseller. Ingredients included experience, planning and talent. (Client: Quadrille Publishing)
Zak Waters – Sneaky Dumping
Sneaky Dumping
Zak Waters
Idleness, poverty, circumstance, or just opportunity? We've all seen the consequences - most recently a bra up a tree - but ever seen anyone in the act? (Personal project)
Antonio Olmos – Newbury
The Newbury Bypass
Antonio Olmos
In 1996 Newbury got an expensive bypass. The environmental movement travelled a different road, but failed to reach their destination. (The Observor)
Jill Mead – Washing Lines
Washing Lines
Jill Mead
An airy view of the humble washing line. Whimsical? Yes. Of national importance? No... (Photographer's personal project)
Antonio Olmos – Marching Season
The Marching Season
Antonio Olmos
For some the summer marches in Northern Ireland are an unalienable patriotic right, for others they are a deliberate provocation. (The Observor)
Jill Mead – Wonderfoods for Kids
Wonderfoods for Kids
Jill Mead
Following the success of 'Wonderfoods' - and a master class in how to work with children. And food. But not animals. (Client: Quadrille Publishing)
Christian Sinibaldi – Who’s Afraid?
Who’s Afraid?
Christian Sinibaldi
You are miles from home, in an alien environment; and alone. What do you do? Smile, laugh. Follows 'Exstracomunit' and 'Migrants'. (Photographer's personal project)
Jill Mead – Wild Gourmets
The Wild Gourmets
Jill Mead
Stalking Tomasina Miers and Guy Grieve as they foraged and ate their way around the UK for the Channel 4 series of the same name. (Client: Bloomsbury Publishing)