The most effective way to connect with your audience is through the telling of compelling stories. To truly succeed in that you need striking, original and above all, real images. Here’s how.
The art of visual story telling //
The challenge all brands face is how to identify the right stories and present them in the most powerful and engaging way. Authenticity is key.
Our approach combines the best principles of documentary and reportage photography with the insights, creativity, budgetary and production skills of a highly experienced marketing communications agency.
The result: powerful and involving image-based narratives that change the way people think about your brand.

The Landscape of Murder
This series documents all 209 murder sites in London recorded over a two year period. Currently exhibiting at Format15 and then at RichMix, London. See blog here.

Augustea – 60 Years at Sea
Christian Sinibaldi used “.. a very different and personal approach to corporate reportage.. ” to mark sixty years of Augustea’s global operations. See blog here.

Wonderfoods for Kids
How do you get kids to eat healthily? Brown rice and raw carrot don’t really cut it, but ‘Blubbery Fool’ and fun images help remove some of the roughage.

Right Wing along the Rio Grande
We are being invaded. It’s an outright undeclared war against United States sovereignty. We need to secure the borders, it’s real simple. Why not use the military?”