Sneaky Dumping / Zak Waters

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Sneaky Dumping is a term for illegally dumping waste somewhere else other than an authorised landfill or waste management site.

Not all the items shown in the images taken for this project would be classed as waste, but it’s intriguing to see what people leave behind on the streets.  So, here at least, the term Sneaky Dumping is used in a wider context.


About Zak

Zak, a past winner of The Royal Photographic Society Terence Donovan Award, has more than twenty years of experience and achieved recognition amongst his peers. He is an acute observer of people, their cultures and what makes them tick.

He has completed varied assignments for national media, and has covered war zones, celebrities, people with mental health issues and those on the breadline.

“For me, the Antman approach is an effective, creative and liberating solution.”

(To read more about Zak Waters, see Who we are)

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